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Why Ranch Style Homes Are Perfect For Room Additions

In general, classic ranch style homes are well known for their spaciousness and typically large lots. However, following the Second World War these types of homes were often erected on smaller lots of land and the homes themselves were reduced in size. This has led to many homeowners deciding to add additional living space to these homes over the past several years. The good news is that ranch style homes are considered to be ideally suited for room additions and/or remodeling projects.

There are thousands of older ranch style homes here in Toronto and it is probably the most popular style of home to renovate as they are usually located in older parts of Toronto that have become desirable places to live.


Ranch Homes Are Easy To Expand

Instead of building or buying a new home, you may want to remodel or construct an addition to your existing home by taking out non load-bearing walls to create a more open floor plan. Ranch style homes are also well regarded for their solid construction and additional living space can be created by building upwards or outwards.

The building up option is often referred to as a pop-top addition and can be achieved by constructing another story on the home. You could also decide to build outwards instead by expanding the side or back of the home on the same story. 

You can almost double the square footage of the home by adding a story without altering its footprint. Homeowners are able to come up with their own designs for additional living areas such as bathroom, bedroom, family room and kitchen etc. The exterior of the home will also be significantly transformed with an additional story. 

On the other hand, building outward is generally referred to as a bump out. This method of adding living space is typically about 25 percent less expensive than building upwards and usually involves building an L or U-shaped addition to the home or enclosing an existing carport. However, to consider a build out or bump out, the lot your home sits on will need to be large enough. Also, you need to realize that you’ll likely be losing some of your yard space with this option.

A home can usually be bumped out in any direction as long as there’s enough room on the lot and if you aren’t interested in constructing additional rooms you may simply decide to add a back or front porch or a sun-room. In-law suites are also popular these days as they can often be constructed over an existing garage. 

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Consider a Basement Remodel

If you own a ranch style home and don’t believe you require an additional story or a build out you may be able to create more space if your home has an existing basement. Remodeling the basement is usually another feasible option for ranch style homeowners as the space can be transformed into additional bedrooms and bathrooms etc. for additional square footage, 

These options are popular for ranch style homes since they’re typically more flexible than two-story and split-level homes. Homes that sit on smaller lots are ideal for adding vertical space with a second story or by adding dormers and finishing the attic. Natural and essential light can be brought in with dormers and height can be added to an attic’s pitched ceilings.


Understanding Your Local Zoning Laws

When trying to decide how to increase the size of your ranch style home you’ll of course need to consider the cost but if you’re thinking about dormer additions or a second story you’ll need to know if the new weight load can be safely supported by the home’s existing foundation. You’ll also need to check on the local building codes, rules and regulations to make sure your remodeling project is completely legal. 

A ranch style addition can also combine horizontal and vertical renovations to suit your custom needs and existing space. Careful planning will guarantee the changes made will result in a wonderfully cohesive home once everything has been completed. 


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