We at Novacon Construction offer design-build services, but we are also very open to work with drawings that clients provide to us. By utilizing this service, Novacon Home Addition blue_printand Renovation Contractors can provide home owners contracts that are called design-build contracts. During this sort of contract, the development team (Novacon Construction) takes responsibility for taking the owner’s concepts/ideas and offering a detailed design prior to starting with construction. We offer construction communication technology to ensure a reasonable construction time and effective communication throughout the project.

The main advantages to a design-build contract are as follows:

  1. The development team is actuated to work with the design team  to develop a sensible design. The team will advise on inventive ways that to cut back construction prices while not reducing the outcome of the finished product.
  2. Another advantage involves the schedule. Most projects are planned with tight timelines. Under a conventional (NON DESIGN-BUILD) contract, construction cannot begin until finished drawings are complete and also the project has been awarded to a bidder. With a design-build contract, the contractor is established at the beginning, and construction activities will proceed at the same time as the drawings, so if any modifications are involved the contractor knows in advance.
  3. A mutually beneficial major advantage is that the design-build contractor has an incentive to maintain the design and construction costs within the owner’s budget. This is one of the critical keys to our success!