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All Contractors Are Not Created Equal – Key Differences Between a Good Contractor and a Great Contractor

Like everything else in life, home owners and buyers will soon come to realize there are good contractors out there to choose from and there are some great ones as well. With that being the case, there’s no need to settle for a good one when a great one is available. There are certain situations and aspects that can help you differentiate between the two. 


How do you find a great contractor in Toronto?

When hiring any type of  contractor you should always ask for referrals, check out their credentials, professional designations and references, make sure they’re properly licensed and insured, interview potential candidates, check to see if they have an established presence in the community and try to find out if they have a trustworthy reputation with their peers and clients and are members of any trade organizations etc.

It’s also important to know if the contractor and employees are properly trained and if subcontractors will be used to perform any part or all of the project. And if so, what quality control criteria exists between the contractor and subcontractors.

Great contractors are well organized, always plan things out meticulously and document them for their customers. Great contractors will use an online client portal/CRM for their project communication so the homeowner knows exactly how the project is progressing at all times. All aspects of a job should be thoroughly covered, placed in writing and presented to the client well before any contracts are signed and work begins. 

A great contractor will be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to their projects as they will concentrate on preventing problems rather than trying to fix them. They have the knack of answering important questions before they’re asked and have the foresight to deal with potential complaints before they’re made. These contractors discuss all of the issues that are important to their clients and to themselves. In a nutshell, proactive communication is well planned, flexible, and delivers on its objectives.


Great Contractors Are Proactive & Experienced

Good contractors may tend to be reactive in nature instead which means they react to a specific situation. This is typically something that is unexpected or something they didn’t foresee happening and wasn’t planned on. This type of communication and work habit basically takes place after the fact when something has already taken place. The result can sometimes be defensive and disjointed as it has taken them by surprise.

Great contractors are ready and well prepared for all types of scenarios and are prepared to nip any potential problems in the bud before they have a chance to grow. 

It’s also important to know if the contractor is specialized in your type of project since not all contractors can efficiently handle large scale jobs. You definitely don’t want to hire a company which will be in over its head when it comes to properly performing the work.  

Some contractors are basically jacks of all trades which means they can handle all types of projects well but don’t excel in one certain area. Depending on the nature and complexity of the project, you may want to hire a contractor who specializes in a specific skill. For example, if you’re having a problem with your vehicle’s transmission you need to ask yourself if you should have it checked out by an auto shop which specializes in transmissions or take it to a general mechanic. You need to ask yourself the same type of question when choosing a contractor for your project. 

When interviewing potential contractors, another key question to ask is if they provide dedicated project management and site supervision. To have the job go smoothly and to provide you with peace of mind, it’s important that the contractor has somebody on site at all times to properly supervise the entire project from start to finish. This way, if anything unforeseen happens it can be handled immediately, which will ultimately save you time and money. 

Nobody wants to see their finished project turn out differently than what they imagined but ultimately, the homeowner is responsible for the quality of materials chosen for the job. A great contractor should present you with several options to choose from such as a selection of high-end, mid-range and lower-end materials and let you know the pros and cons of each of them. 

One of the major keys of being a great contractor is to always communicate clearly and to prove you’re trustworthy and reliable by doing what you say. If you make a promise be sure to keep it. These contractors do their utmost to satisfy their clients and that can often be enough to separate them from good contractors. 


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