8 Phases to a Beautiful Home

Our process involves 8 phases to your next custom home or renovation. Clarifying each phase of the process ensures an enjoyable, rewarding experience for our clients. The process of building a custom home, addition or renovation often contains many moving parts. Due to good planning, good listening and good communication, your project will be built right and finished on time as each stage runs smoothly.


Initial Inquiry & Discovery Call

No money required $

  • Novacon will contact you within 2 days of your inquiry
  • We want to better understand what’s important to you, learn a bit more about your vision for the project, rough timelines and budget expectations/project feasibility
  • We will also talk you through what to expect when working with our team and determine if we will be a good fit for each other.


Complimentary In-Home Consultation

Typically, this meeting will take approx. 60-90 minutes. One of our experienced team members will sit with you in your home and discuss your wishes and the requirements of your project, site location and features, estimated budget costs and anticipated project duration.

No money required $

  • We want to get to know you and discuss all of the ideas you have for your space. The things that are important to you that will make the home fit your families needs and lifestyle
  • We’ll explain a bit more about Novacon, about our process, and get you ready for your next steps


Preliminary Construction Estimate

After our team has reviewed all of the information from our in-home consultation, we will come up with a rough preliminary budget number for your project to be discussed at a follow up meeting in our office. If this Cost Estimate does not fall within your overall budget expectations we will at this meeting, discuss if the plans and details can be modified and/or adjusted to meet your budget expectations.  By the end of this phase, we determine whether we’re a good fit for one another or not. If so, we move to the next step in our journey together and sign a Conceptual Design Agreement.

No Money required $

  • This Preliminary Construction Budget will be based on an average to above average selection of interior finish quality as based on our initial discussions and our recent projects. These include items such as flooring, cabinetry, doors and trims etc…
  • The Construction costs are typically presented with an Estimated Price Range. These include items such as foundations, framing, HVAC, masonry and other specialty trades.


Conceptual Design Agreement

During this stage, you can expect detailed communication from our team with questions and updates on the design and progress. This is an interactive process and the speed and detail of your responses will impact the overall duration of the design process. We will come to your home and take detailed interior/exterior measurements and begin the design work. The design progress will be discussed with you by email, video conference or at our office. We offer state of the art 3D renderings to give you a great visual of what the proposed work will look like rather than just a standard 2-dimensional view that most builders offer. Typical fees for our full design agreement are between $5,000 and $10,000 dollars depending on the scope of work and size of project.

Money required $

  • We will Present 2-3 options of the proposed Floor plans for review and approval. Minor or major changes are encouraged at this stage to accommodate your wishes and needs. (minor changes may be required to accommodate structure and roof   systems, post initial approval)
  • 3D Renderings of the proposed floor plan (one to two elevations)
  • Finalized presentation drawings ready for Project Planning stage



Project Planning & Final Design

Upon reaching a budgetary comfort level, the Design Process can move into the Pre-Construction Planning and permit submission phase. At this stage we are looking to finalize the layouts, finishes and materials so they can be translated into the final design of the project. The final Construction Drawings will include items such as:

Money required $

  • Electrical & Lighting Plans
  • Interior Material Selections
  • Exterior finishes
  • Cabinetry Selections
  • Interior design of the space including any elevations/shop drawings of interior finishes.
  • Site Plan, Main Floor (2nd & 3rd if applicable) Foundation & Basement Plans
  • Construction details & wall sections
  • Final 3D Exterior Rendering
Construction Management


Final Budget | Sign Construction Contract

By this time, we have decided on the final designs, finishes and budget for the construction. If there are any final changes/upgrades you wish to make it would be at this time that we do so. In this step, we will make a firm commitment to work with each other for the construction portion of your project by signing a letter of intent. We will immediately start on items such as:

Money required $

  • Once your budget is finalized and the contract is signed, we will schedule the project for production in our online project management software for you to see
  • Committee of Adjustment requirements and schedule if required
  • Detailed technical drawings and engineering requirements
  • Heat loss calculations and heating design
  • Permit submission to the applicable city building department


Construction Begins

Just prior to construction we will have an onsite kickoff meeting with you, the project manager and your site supervisor. We will briefly go over any and all expectations we have of you for the duration of the build, additionally we will finalize any last-minute details that require discussion. On a weekly basis, you will meet with the Project Manager and Site Supervisor to discuss the progress of the project, our requirements of you and any relevant information based on the stage of work you are at.

Money required $

  • You will also receive weekly updates from our Office manager via your own dedicated Online Project Management Portal
  • Weekly reports update you on what was completed during the week, and what will be worked on in the coming week
  • You will also receive live updates, photos and videos so you can follow the progress of the project, change orders and updates to selections via email as they occur during the process in real-time


Project Completion

When the project is deemed Substantially Complete, you will be requested to be present for a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) by Novacon to inspect the project and identify any deficiencies that will require correction or completion, we will then immediately make the final corrections to deficiencies. With most major renovations and custom home builds there will be settling and humidity issues that arise due to the nature of the work. This typically happens within the first 6 months of moving back into the home.  Rest assured that we are there for you with our hassle-free 2 year warranty. We pride ourselves on creating long-lasting relationships and want to be your contactors for life!

  • All deficiencies will be listed in a PDI report and shared with our Site Supervisor and construction team and/or Trades for their immediate action
  • No non-sense Warranty coverage means you can be confident that should anything arise we are there for you
  • After completion, you will be asked for final approval and sign off
  • Sit back and enjoy your new space with friends and family!