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5 Popular Home Additions in Toronto

Home additions are popular in Toronto due to the lack of available inventory and high real estate prices. Toronto homeowners interested in increasing their living space without having to move usually do so by choosing one of five popular options listed below. Each of these additions will enable you to add usable square footage to your existing residence. Increasing your living space will typically increase the value of your home as well if you should decide to sell later on.

Before you begin with plans for a home addition, be sure to inquire about the local laws in Toronto concerning building codes, permits and zoning ordinances etc. An experienced home addition contractor can help you navigate the rules and regulations to ensure your home addition project is up to code.


Second Story Addition

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The biggest and costliest home addition is to add a second story as it adds a significant amount of extra square footage and value to the home. This involves building upwards and the project usually allows you to add several rooms to your home such as a new bathroom and bedrooms. You’ll also need a stairway to access the living area and a second-storey can only be added if the home’s foundation and structure can handle the additional weight. Ranch style homes on smaller lots make the perfect candidate for adding a full second story to the home.


Family Room Addition

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If you’re looking to add a family room to your home, many homeowners will do so by finishing their basements or converting another area of their home. However, you can also construct an additional room to the side of your house. The size of a family room addition will generally be dictated by the size of your property as well as your budget. A family room addition can be used in any way you choose as you can also add a wet bar and/or fireplace etc.


In-Law Suite Addition

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In-Law suites are quite popular in the Greater Toronto Area as they allow you to live under the same roof as your family but with everybody still enjoying their own privacy.  These multi-generation units are ideal for in-laws as well as elderly parents and grown children. Your existing space can often be used to create an in-law suite such as converting the attic or garage, finishing the basement or transforming an office or other unused room. Additions can also be built in your backyard. Many in-law suites contain their own bathing, living and cooking quarters as they’re similar to installing a separate apartment to your existing home or property.

Garage Addition

How Difficult Is It To Add a Second Story To a Home?

When it comes to garage additions, this generally means constructing extra living quarters or an apartment above the built-in garage. This provides privacy and independence for in-laws, grown children and visiting guests etc or could even be used as a rental unit. When planning an addition over the garage you may want to install a kitchenette, bathroom and separate entrance to make it a fully independent and livable space. Since the foundation is in place already, you just need to construct the walls and a roof. The space could also be used as a gym, studio or office etc.  


Sunroom Addition


Adding a sunroom with heating will allow you to increase your living area by enjoying the addition all year long. Depending on the layout of your property, a sunroom can be added to your existing home and can be used as a family room, office, games room or exercise room etc. You can also transform an existing porch or patio into a sunroom. However, in an area such as Toronto, it’s important to make sure the roof and walls are capable of supporting heavy amounts of snow. 

In general, these five home additions can usually be created in a variety of sizes and can be used for a multitude of different purposes. However, you will need to contact a professional contractor to make sure all of your ideas and plans can realistically be achieved and are allowed under your local zoning regulations and bylaws.  To learn more about your home addition options in Toronto, contact Novacon today for a free consultation.

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