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More and more Canadians are keeping it in the family these days by having more than one generation of the family living under the same roof. There could be many reasons for this with one of them being that it’s an ideal way to reduce living expenses while still retaining everybody’s privacy. Here in Toronto, the high cost of real estate makes building on a in-law suite an attractive option. Most families who share the same living quarters usually achieve their goal by adding an n-law suite to their existing home.

There are several creative ways to turn an existing space into an in-law suite such as finishing the basement or converting a garage, attic, office space or unused room etc. and you may also decide to build an addition to your home or in the backyard. With an in-law suite usually containing its own cooking, living and bathing quarters it’s quite similar to having a separate apartment installed in your home or dwelling added to your property.

Of course, the in-law suite doesn’t specifically have to be for your in-laws as these units are also ideal for young adults and other family members who like their independence and privacy. Also, depending on your local bylaws, these suites could be rented out as vacation properties for additional income.

A connected suite could have its own entrance or be separated by a locked door and the inside layout usually depends on the preferences and living needs of the occupants. For instance, elderly adults may need specific accommodations that are suited for wheelchairs and walkers etc.

In-Law Suite Contractors in Toronto

In-Law Suite Contractors in Toronto

Laws & Regulations For In-Law Suites in Toronto

The bylaws in Toronto and other jurisdictions in the GTA allow for in-law suites but it’s important to work with a contractor experienced with building out in-law suites as it can be easy to run afoul of the law if you do not understand all of the requirements for building a legal in-law suite.

How much does it cost to add a mother-in-law suite?

The cost of adding a suite will depend on the size and needs of the occupant and if you’re converting an existing space or building an addition to the home. Renovating a garage or finishing a basement may run you between $50,000 and $80,000+ while converting a walk-out basement into a suite may cost from $75,000 to $100,000+. Additions and separate buildings will generally reach $200-300,000 or more. The furnishings, appliances and amenities will be additional and this typically depends on the materials you use as well as the design. Some people may decide on installing a full kitchen while others may be quite happy with just a smaller kitchenette for example.

In some cases, the occupants of the home may all eat together so the specific needs will be different for each family and these will affect the cost. However, while the cost of an in-law suite may seem high at first, you may easily recoup this money in the long run.

In-Law Suite Contractors in Toronto
Basement In-Law Suite Contractors in Toronto

What is the average size of a mother-in-law suite?

The size of an in-law suite generally depends on if it’s a separate dwelling, an addition to your home or a converted area of an existing home. Of course, it also depends on how big your home is in the first place. Separate buildings on a property are typically between 500 and 800 square feet and the size may be dictated by your local bylaws and building codes. If you’re building a new home, specific floor plans can be created to accommodate an in-law suite or suites and the size is up to you. The size depends on who’s going to be occupying the space and what their specific needs are. For example, the unit may be smaller if an independent living or cooking area isn’t needed.

In general, most suites range from between 300 and 1,000 square feet. Ultimately, this will all come down to your local laws and zoning regulations.

Does a mother-in-law suite add value to your home?

An in-law suite can certainly add value to your home especially when it comes to potential buyers who are looking for one. Not all suites are created equal though as they come in different sizes and may feature different amenities. Most suites have a full bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room while larger versions may contain a bar, fireplace or laundry room etc. The larger the suite is and the more amenities it comes with will typically increase the value. But while an in-law suite can add value to your home, you’d still need to consider the original costs of the addition and compare it to the increased value. For example, you could pay just $30,000 for a suite and see your home’s value rise by $50,000 or more.

On the flip side of the coin, you may end up paying $50,000 for an in-law suite and only see the home’s value rise by $30,000 etc. It’s hard to predict how much value an in-law suite adds to a home since the real estate market varies in all areas and it also depends what the buyer is looking for. With that said, homes with in-law suites with their own entrance are in high demand in Toronto. You also need to calculate how much the suite has already saved you in costs such as having your relatives reside with you rather than in a retirement home. Realistically, a suite may add much more value to your home than your realize even if it’s not monetary.

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Do I need to get a permit for my project?

Definitely! Obtaining a permit makes sure your project is in compliance with Ontario Building Code. Inspections of the project insure your safety!

Do we need to obtain our own permits?

No. Novacon Construction Inc. will get all relevant permits required on your behalf.

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Yes we are a full service DESIGN – BUILD company. We can provide full interior designs and architectural/engineer drawings to suit every type of project.

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Yes, we carry $5,000,000 liability insurance and have WSIB. We will provide all clients with copies of our certificates.

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Yes. All standard renovation or remodeling projects come with a 2-year warranty.

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