Why The Design Build Method Works In Home Renovations

When it comes to home renovations and custom home construction, many people have heard the term design-build but may not be sure what it actually means. Basically, it means that one contracting company handles both the design and the construction of the home or renovation project. It’s one-stop shopping where you work with a single company from design to construction rather than hiring both an Architect/Designer and a contractor separately.

 Benefits of Design-Build

Things typically run much smoother if the same company looks after all aspects of a project including the permits and engineering work. Homeowners have just one contact to deal with when it comes to the cost and time frame details etc.

In the past, the design-bid-build method of construction and renovation was popular but it typically means you need to separately hire an Architect/Designer and contractor. After the design has been completed, contractors then bid on constructing or renovating it. However, many designers and contractors have no working relationship or obligation to each other and work independently.  This disconnect can sometimes lead to delays, misunderstandings and other issues that could cause issues with the project. One of the largest issues with the DESIGN-BID-BUILD method is that a high percentage of projects come in far higher than clients budget when it goes out for contractor estimates. This is avoided with a DESIGN-BUILD company because we discuss budget before, during and after the design process to keep things inline with the original budget. A lot of time and money is saved on the design costs as well since there are minimal revisions after the fact.

 Design-Build is More Efficient

The design-build method can be used for any scale of project and it’s ideal for home renovations. The design-build company will take care of the entire project every step of the way. And since the designer knows the cost of the materials and labour it’s a lot easier to stay within your budget. In addition, all of the contractors working on your renovation belong to the same team and have the same goal. This helps cut down on the chances of miscommunication and budget over runs.

When renovating, you’ll be able to discuss each aspect of the job such as budget, owner responsibilities, permits, deliveries, working hours, cleanup, style and goals as well as any special interests and priorities.

With design-build, one company is accountable for everything and will spend the necessary attention to all the details and specifics. All costs are taken into account including fees and utilities and any possible landscaping allowances.

The design-build firm is also an expert in the fields of design and construction as they typically have licensed architects on their team or have close working relationships with experienced architects. They also possess professional construction experience and fully understand sequencing and pricing and how renovation projects come together.

 Homeowners Are More Involved With Design-Build

Homeowners will work hand in hand with a design-build renovator and can be as active as they like when it comes to sharing their design and remodeling ideas. The owner has complete control concerning the project while the design-build company collaborates with them. Owners are encouraged to ask questions, become involved and give their input while considering all their options. If changes need to be made something needs to be eliminated or added there’s no problem.

When contacting a build-design company, the first step is a consultation and estimate. The designer will then work with you to finalize the drawings and make material selections. A checklist can be made to make sure everybody knows who’s responsible for what and you’ll be able to discuss things with the project consultant prior to the renovation.

In general, homeowners want their home renovation projects to turn out the way they have envisioned them. They are hoping the job can be completed in the projected time frame and adheres to the budget. They also like to have their ideas and opinions heard and mean something during all steps of the renovation.

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