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What Renovations Can You Do In A Condo?

When renovating a condo you should be able to fully customize according to your vision of what you want the condo to look like. You can create space that didn’t seem to exist before and maximize it as much as possible. 

Every condo building has a unique design and there may be a few irregularities in the condo’s architecture that may offer some design challenges. A good design-build contractor specializing in condo renovations can create amazing designs around these structural limitations.

What You Can Renovate With a Condo

There’s really no limit when it comes to renovating a condo as everything’s fair game including the living room, bathrooms, kitchen, walls, floor, lighting and stairs etc.

As with traditional homes, the kitchen is usually the main focus area of a renovation. Most rooms in condos are smaller than family homes but that doesn’t mean they need to be cluttered and dark. Your renovation ideas should be about maximizing as much space as possible. This can often be achieved with an open-concept floor plan which is ideal for entertaining guests.

Some condo owners prefer to work with what they already have while others would rather knock down walls and open things up completely. Smaller kitchens and rooms shouldn’t limit you though as they can inspire you to come up with creative solutions and designs. It’s possible to use a clever design to open up a room and highlight its shape rather than working against it as long as you are aware of any supporting columns in your unit, which obviously cannot be taken down.

Making Your Condo Feel Bigger

Many times, changing the colour of a wall can brighten up a condo and create the impression of a larger space. Larger tiles on a kitchen floor can also achieve the same effect. If your flooring is darker compared to the lighter walls the space should also feel more open. In the kitchen, open storage often stops the room from becoming too cramped as traditional cabinets sometimes make the kitchen feel smaller.

Natural light also makes a condo appear brighter and larger and oversized windows are a favourite of some condo owners because of this. If you have hardwood floors you may want to consider area rugs as long as they’re not too big as this could make the space appear smaller. The same goes for your furniture as the bigger it is the smaller the living quarters will seem.

When it comes to condo bathrooms many of them are cramped and small and it’s a good idea to outfit them with multi-functional pieces and install plenty of lighting with bright walls.

Getting Professional Help

You can basically do just about anything when renovating a condo but since it’s a smaller space it’s important to properly organize things to make sure it doesn’t become cluttered. Hiring a professional renovation contractor with experience in condo renovations to help can be a lifesaver since these people are experts at renovating condos and smaller living areas.

Condos come with a lot of unique layouts and floor plans such as studio designs, wide open space and multiple floors. When renovating there are numerous design aesthetics which can be utilized. Don’t be afraid to take full advantage of the condo’s unique architecture to make your living space feel larger and more comfortable.

Just be sure to follow your condo board’s rules, plan things ahead of time, come up with a reasonable budget and hire professional assistance when needed. 

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