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10 Tips When Renovating Your Condo in Toronto

When renovating your condo in Toronto there are several things you need to consider before diving in at the deep end. Below is a list of 10 things to keep in mind before finalizing your plans.


  1. Check the building’s rules

Each condo board typically has its own set of rules regarding renovations. Be sure to find out what these rules are before spending any money. Some buildings may allow only certain renovations or materials to be used and you also need to know the rules regarding deliveries, working hours allowed and using the service elevator etc. It’s very important to know what exactly is and isn’t allowed.


  1. Finding a contractor

When searching for a contractor it’s crucial to ask if they have experience working with condo renovations. This type of work is generally more challenging logistically and depending on the condo rules some contractors simply don’t want to work in this situation. You should also ask if there will be a project manager to look after all aspects of the process.


  1. Why are you renovating?

There are generally two main reasons homeowners renovate their Toronto condo. One is to try and raise the resale value while the other is simply to add space or make the living conditions more to your personal liking and lifestyle. If you just want to improve your living space for a few more years before selling you may want to renovate with fixtures and furniture that can be taken with you when you decide to move. If you’re renovating to increase the value you may want to concentrate on areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, flooring, lighting, walls and doors etc.


  1. Knowing your limits.

Some condos have odd-angled walls and/or intrusive columns and it’s important to know which elements and walls etc can be opened up or removed and which ones can’t. You may want to have an expert assist you in this area before making your plans.


  1. Unmovable fixtures

Bathroom fixtures are typically hard to move any considerable distance unless you’re willing to spend a great deal of money. However, you can make some simple alterations which change how your eyes see the space. These could include things such as a glass shower panel and new vanity etc to draw your eyes’ focus.


  1. Be flexible

Most condo owners have their minds made up about what they want to do when renovating their space. However, everything may not work to plan once the job begins. It’s a good idea to have some flexibility as it may be needed along the way. For instance, you may realize a smaller appliance in the kitchen could be a better choice as it will free up more space.


  1. Sort out the parking

Most condo buildings have limited parking with one space being assigned to each unit. You’ll need to work out how the tradespeople are going to arrange their parking. You’ll need to give up your own space and perhaps pay for the parking of their vehicles at a suitable nearby lot.


  1. Proper planning

Most condos have limited space in them so be sure to stagger the construction work. You don’t really want everybody working on their specific trade at the same time. You also need room to store tools and materials etc.


  1. Find a place to stay

It’s usually a good idea to find alternate living quarters when renovating your Toronto condo. Your bathroom and/or kitchen may not be usable during the job not to mention your bedroom and living room etc. Instead of trying to make things work and possibly getting in the way it’s generally better to move out temporarily. It’s also a lot less stressful.


  1. The cleanup

Be sure to know who’s responsible for the clean up duty once the renovation is completed. Some contractors may not do it unless you pay extra and it’s not a good idea to tackle it yourself. The best option  is typically to leave some room in your budget to hire an outside professional cleaning company.


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What Renovations Can You Do In A Condo?

When renovating a condo you should be able to fully customize according to your vision of what you want the condo to look like. You can create space that didn’t seem to exist before and maximize it as much as possible. 

Every condo building has a unique design and there may be a few irregularities in the condo’s architecture that may offer some design challenges. A good design-build contractor specializing in condo renovations can create amazing designs around these structural limitations.

What You Can Renovate With a Condo

There’s really no limit when it comes to renovating a condo as everything’s fair game including the living room, bathrooms, kitchen, walls, floor, lighting and stairs etc.

As with traditional homes, the kitchen is usually the main focus area of a renovation. Most rooms in condos are smaller than family homes but that doesn’t mean they need to be cluttered and dark. Your renovation ideas should be about maximizing as much space as possible. This can often be achieved with an open-concept floor plan which is ideal for entertaining guests.

Some condo owners prefer to work with what they already have while others would rather knock down walls and open things up completely. Smaller kitchens and rooms shouldn’t limit you though as they can inspire you to come up with creative solutions and designs. It’s possible to use a clever design to open up a room and highlight its shape rather than working against it as long as you are aware of any supporting columns in your unit, which obviously cannot be taken down.

Making Your Condo Feel Bigger

Many times, changing the colour of a wall can brighten up a condo and create the impression of a larger space. Larger tiles on a kitchen floor can also achieve the same effect. If your flooring is darker compared to the lighter walls the space should also feel more open. In the kitchen, open storage often stops the room from becoming too cramped as traditional cabinets sometimes make the kitchen feel smaller.

Natural light also makes a condo appear brighter and larger and oversized windows are a favourite of some condo owners because of this. If you have hardwood floors you may want to consider area rugs as long as they’re not too big as this could make the space appear smaller. The same goes for your furniture as the bigger it is the smaller the living quarters will seem.

When it comes to condo bathrooms many of them are cramped and small and it’s a good idea to outfit them with multi-functional pieces and install plenty of lighting with bright walls.

Getting Professional Help

You can basically do just about anything when renovating a condo but since it’s a smaller space it’s important to properly organize things to make sure it doesn’t become cluttered. Hiring a professional renovation contractor with experience in condo renovations to help can be a lifesaver since these people are experts at renovating condos and smaller living areas.

Condos come with a lot of unique layouts and floor plans such as studio designs, wide open space and multiple floors. When renovating there are numerous design aesthetics which can be utilized. Don’t be afraid to take full advantage of the condo’s unique architecture to make your living space feel larger and more comfortable.

Just be sure to follow your condo board’s rules, plan things ahead of time, come up with a reasonable budget and hire professional assistance when needed. 

About Novacon Construction

Novacon Construction is a contractor in Toronto specializing in condo renovations.  We are experienced in condo renovations and can help you navigate the rules and regulations when it comes to renovating your condo.  Contact us today for a free consultation.


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What You Need To Know When Renovating A Condo In Toronto

Renovating a condo in Toronto isn’t exactly the same as renovating a house since the process could be quite different since a condo has different ownership rights and regulations than owning a home. 

Understanding Condo Rules and Regulations

The main thing to consider before getting to work on your condo is that there may be some specific rules that need to be followed which are laid down by your condo board.

For instance, you may only be allowed to renovate your living space and/or use the service elevator during certain hours and on certain days. This could hamper your time frame as it may take longer than originally planned to complete the remodeling.

If your condo board does lay down and enforce the rules then you’ll have to work around them. This means you’ll need to schedule deliveries and contractors for specific times. This also means you may have to leave work yourself to meet them since you may not be allowed to work in the evenings or on weekends. The condo board could also require work permits from you.

These types of policies are typically put in place to keep the neighbours in your building happy but there’s no doubt they can slow down the renovation process. This is why it’s very important to contact your condo board with your ideas before planning any work on your condo. You’ll need to discuss all aspects of the job and make sure you’ve come to a full understanding and agreement, which should be in writing by the way.

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Creating a Renovation Plan

Once you’ve talked things over with the board you’ll know exactly what you can and can’t do. This will help you come up with a realistic time frame for the job. As for the reason you want to renovate the condo that’s up to you. It could be to add to the resale value or you may simply want to make it more comfortable or conducive to your lifestyle.

If you don’t plan on staying much longer than a year or two you may want to renovate with furnishings and accessories that can be taken with you when you move rather than those that are fixed. If you’re more concerned about the resale value or you intend to be in your condo for the long term, you may want to focus on key areas such as the doors, bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, tiling, flooring, tiling, lighting and the walls.

You also need to know which elements and walls can possibly be opened or removed etc. if you’re planning on a large scale renovation. For example, bathroom fixtures can’t usually be moved very far unless you want to greatly add to the expense of your project. In fact, you may want to focus on building up instead of tearing down and moving fixtures. Some elements simply can’t be altered when living in a condo.

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 Stay Flexible & Realistic

It’s a good idea to stay flexible and be realistic. Condos aren’t generally that large so you may want to reconsider filling in the limited space with items such as king-size beds, large appliances and double sinks etc. Using smaller appliances could free up much-needed space for storage or other uses.

If you do have to deal with a strict condo board you may want to enlist the help of a professional condo contractor with condo experience as they can also help out with coordinating deliveries or picking all of the materials up themselves.

Depending on the scale of your Toronto condo renovation you may also need to find somewhere to eat your meals or even sleep while the work is going on. This means finding a temporary residence during some of the work as you may not be able to access the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom at certain times. In fact, your condo building may even have a guest suite you could temporarily use or rent.

Be aware that you may also need to pay for parking when hiring tradespeople since most condos have limited space. It’s a good idea to make sure you know where and when parking is available for your condo renovation.

In general you need to speak to the property manager, find a contractor who’s willing to work in a condo building, know your limitations and make sure you have a cleanup crew hired when the job has been completed. If you take care of all these details you shouldn’t have any major problems when renovating a Toronto area condo.

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