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What is a Tarion Home Warranty?

New homebuyers like to be assured that their purchase has been well-built and the construction of the home meets all of the local bylaws and standards. When it comes to home-construction regulations, one of Canada’s most-respected private businesses is the Tarion Warranty Corporation. This company makes sure that homeowners’ rights are protected in accordance with the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.

Novacon Construction Inc. is proud to be a Tarion certified builder in Ontario and offer a Tarion warranty with each custom home we build.

Home Builder Licensing

One of Tarion’s top jobs is licensing all new condominium and home builders in the province of Ontario. The company makes sure that builders have the proper financial stability, technical experience, and customer-service know-how and capacity to perform their job. The corporation recommends all consumers do a little research before buying a new home and helps out by providing them with the Ontario Builder Directory, which is accessible to the public. This directory has a wealth of information regarding home builders, including whether or not they’re legally licensed. The directory also has information on how many homes the builders have constructed, if their license has ever been revoked or refused and if there have been any warranty claims against them. 

Tarion Warranty Coverage

Tarion also protects homebuyers by providing them with mandatory warranty coverage. This includes valuable things such as deposit protection and a guarantee against any financial losses and delayed closing for contract homes. There are one, two, and seven-year warranties available once you’ve taken possession of a new home. The one-year warranty offers protection against violations of the Ontario Building Code as well as against defective workmanship and materials. The warranty also protects against unauthorized substitutions and states that the home has to be habitable. With the two-year warranty, Tarion makes sure the home is protected against defective electrical, heating, and plumbing installation as well as water penetration, and defective window, door, caulking, and exterior-cladding materials. The warranty protects against the province’s building-code health and safety violations as well. With the seven-year warranty, the home is covered from major structural defects and shared common element areas of condominiums are protected, such as elevators and recreation areas.


Tarion’s Online Resources

Tarion helps new homebuyers and builders manage their warranty by providing them with helpful online resources. The online warranty system is known as MyHome and it will notify consumers about warranty deadlines via automatic emails. The MyHome service has proven to be a hit with homebuyers as close to 75,000 of them used it in 2013. In addition, Tarion has an online resource system known as BuilderLink, which enables builders to manage inspections and enroll homes.

Tarion Customer Satisfaction

All homeowners can evaluate their builders via Tarion’s yearly Customer Satisfaction Survey. The company will send out a survey to all new Ontario home buyers within 12 months of taking possession of their home. This will allow customers to grade their builders. The best-rated builders are then eligible for the Tarion Award of Excellence. This survey has shown that customer satisfaction has been on the rise over the past few years. One of the reasons for this is due to the link Tarion helps forge between the homeowner and the builder. The results of the survey are given to all builders and Tarion helps to analyze them and provides service training and advice to builders with low ratings. Since lower-ranked builders won’t receive as many recommendations, this survey is seen as extremely important to them.


According to Tarion, the number of claims against home builders has been falling recently since most issues are now being resolved between the builder and homebuyer, which is something the company encourages. If a homeowner asks Tarion to inspect a house and the company finds the warranty hasn’t been honoured it could lead to chargeable conciliations against the builder if the issue hasn’t been resolved within the applicable time frame. If a builder receives a chargeable conciliation it will be applied to their permanent record and will show up on the Ontario Builder Directory. In addition, builders are charged $1,000 if an inspection reveals that one item under warranty hasn’t been adhered to. Another consumer-protection program provided by Tarion is to help fight against illegal homebuilding. This includes builders who don’t enroll their jobs under the warranty or aren’t licensed by Tarion. The company has been working with politicians to amend the law, making it harder for homebuilders to avoid supplying homebuyers with a warranty. Ontario vendors and builders can be fined up to $100,000 if they don’t enroll or register new homes which are required by law.

We Would Love To Hear From You

Building a custom home is probably the biggest single investment you will ever make. The first and smartest thing to do is to find a registered Tarion Builder like Novacon Construction. A registered Tarion Builder understands the legalities involved in building a custom home in Ontario and can explain your rights and warranty coverage when you build a custom home.

You can learn more about Tarion warranties here.

Contact Novacon today to learn more about building a custom home and the many benefits of using a registered Tarion Builder for your new home build.


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How to Obtain an ACCURATE Quote for a Custom Home

When planning a new custom home it’s imperative that you receive an accurate quote from the contractor or design-build company. It’s important that the quote is thorough and doesn’t leave anything out of it. Nobody wants to be shocked with additional expenses when having a home built because specific details weren’t included in the quote.

On too many occasions, some contractors may be leaving certain aspects out of their quotes when it comes to large renovations or the complex construction of custom homes. When this occurs, home buyers are disappointed when the end result is nowhere near what they had intended their homes to look like. This is especially common in areas where the majority of houses available are either considered to be semi-custom or production built.

With these types of homes, you have limited options when it comes to the design and construction plans. If you do have the option of altering the plans it usually means you have to fork over more cash which means you’re now going to go over your budget. If changes are allowed it usually results in the builder simply giving the home buyer an estimate on the costs. When this happens, you may not know the true price of the home until the construction has been completed.


The Importance Of Working With a Good Contractor

A good contractor needs to fully understand exactly what the client wants to include in the home before  giving an estimate and signing a contract. A rough estimate doesn’t really do the buyer much good since it can change drastically before the building is completed. This is why it’s so important that the customer and contractor are on the same page and fully understand each other.

The buyer expects to get what they pay for when it comes to a custom home and that all of their construction choices and options are met. They want the design they have approved with no exceptions unless they have agreed to them. For example, if the client chooses a specific colour, sheen and grade of paint that’s what they expect to be used.

The contractor also needs to spend time on measuring and documenting each aspect of the project. Every single shingle, stud, stick of rebar and surface area etc. should be fully and accurately planned out.


Getting an Accurate Quote

At Novacon Custom Builders & Renovators we take pride in creating accurate, fully-vetted quotes on all of our building projects as we provide qualified, accurate budgets. We will work hand-in-hand with you to let you know exactly what the quote does and doesn’t cover. This includes the specific type and amount of materials to be used as well as a written guarantee which states all of the home’s dimensions have been considered. All labour and vendors’ work is also included in the estimate

The simplest method to receive an accurate custom-home quote is to break the process down into two stages which are the baseline price and fixed price. 

This baseline price doesn’t include every wish and desire of the buyer as that comes later. This estimate basically includes a common set of options and finishes etc. The purpose of the baseline price is to discover the general price range for the home. At this point you can decide if it’s within your budget before choosing to make any revisions to the home’s basic plan. If you decide to, you can then get together with the designer and contractor to personalize the home with custom or unique features. 

If you’re using a contractor’s in-house designer, which is the case with a design build contractor,  they should understand what your budget is and help you select finishes and options to remain within that budget. When using a third-party designer, they may concentrate more on the home’s look and feel rather than your financial budget since they aren’t associated with the builder. Once you’ve made selections on the specifics of the home the contractor will be able to generate a quote after pricing out the materials and labour etc. 

Also, site decisions must be made on the land the home is being built on such as verifying property lines, orienting or locating the structure, the house pad construction, utility access, tree removal and coordinating driveways etc. Survey work may need to be carried out to make sure there are no surprises when settling on a price.

When giving the contractor a detailed list of specifications for the home it will then affect the baseline price as it will either decrease or increase. This list of specifications is also needed to come up with an accurate financial appraisal of the home. 


About Novacon Construction

Novacon Construction is a design build contractor in Toronto that specializes in custom home building and large scale renovations. We are one of the top rates contractors in the GTA and pride ourselves on quality work, great communications and transparent pricing. At Novacon, we are more than pleased to share our strong referral base with our clients as we establish strong relationships with each customer and are more than willing to go the extra mile to make them happy.  If you are interested in a custom home build in Toronto, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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10 Great Features for Your Custom-Built Home

One of the most attractive undertakings of designing and building your own custom home is being able to forgo the standard finishes and features and create a truly unique living space. This enables you to install the features you know will deliver the exact type of convenience and comfort you’re looking for.

Below is a list of 10 features that will make your home standout when building a custom home. 


Dedicated Laundry Room

Most new home owners probably won’t place their laundry room high on the list. However, building a dedicated laundry room on the main or upper level of the dwelling can certainly make your domestic life and chores a lot easier, especially with kids.  Instead of hauling your laundry down and up the stairs every time you do it, why not make things more convenient by placing a specific laundry room on the home’s main or upper floor next to the bedrooms? This space could be used for washing, hanging, drying and ironing your clothes. You may even want to outfit it with some music or a television while you’re working. 

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Large Mudroom

A large,  functional mudroom can be a lifesaver during a cold and wet Toronto winter. With a mudroom located close to your door or garage you’ll be able to keep your entrance clean as this is the perfect place to leave your muddy, wet shoes, coats, clothing, backpacks, sporting equipment and umbrellas etc. This can be a well-organized area with cubbies, lockers, cupboards, drawers or a closet for specific items. It’s also an excellent spot to dry off and clean your pets before they enter the home and a place to hang leashes. 

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Walk-In Pantry

A walk-in pantry is a great way to complement your custom kitchen as it adds  the right amount of comfort and convenience. In addition, it should help you keep the kitchen clutter-free as you’ll have plenty of room to store food and other items without having to use your regular cabinets. A walk-in pantry allows you to keep many things at eye level and is ideal for larger appliances such as blenders, mixers and bread-makers etc. 

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Finished Basement

A finished basement can be used for a variety of things such as a wet-bar, games room, in-house theatre, music room, family entertainment room, office or even a bedroom etc. A dedicated basement can be decorated however you choose and since it’s downstairs it shouldn’t be too much of a problem if things get a little loud down there while enjoying the custom space.  

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Outdoor Kitchen

Toronto may be cold but we do enjoy several months of good weather each year. You’ll be able to enjoy the warmer temperatures and Mother Nature if you decide to install an outdoor kitchen. It’s becoming quite popular to create an outdoor kitchen and dining area with a refrigerator, built-in grill, sink, counter space and table etc. This enables you to cook, dine and clean up in the great outdoors whenever the weather cooperates. 

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Heated Floors

Speaking of the weather, why not ensure you’re comfortable and warm all year round by installing heated floors in your bathroom. This is guaranteed to create a nice cozy feeling each and every time you step out of the shower. Your feet will definitely appreciate the warmth of the floor compared to a stone cold one. 

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In-Law Suite

If you have relatives or friends living with you or they visit quite often, then a in-law suite may be the ideal way to provide privacy for everybody. In fact, the area could even be used by your grown children. An in-law suite creates an independent living area and plenty of privacy and can be outfitted with whatever you choose. For example, it could house its own kitchen, bathroom, dining and living areas etc. You may even install a separate entrance if you choose. 

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Two Master Suites 

Another way to host visiting friends and family is to customize your home with two master suites. Each suite can feature its own private bathroom, creating privacy for all involved. The suites don’t have to be the same in size and style, which enables you to get creative when designing them.  

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Let’s get back to talking about the good weather and taking advantage of it by adding a sunroom. This will let you enjoy the warm days and evenings by sitting in a three or four-season sunroom outdoors. This is a room that allows abundant natural light in it and is easy to access the outdoors from. A three-season room is ideal for the spring, summer and fall while a four-season option is also fine for the winter. A four-season sunroom can be cooled and heated like the rest of the home and can easily be equipped with furniture and entertainment options.

sunroom design Toroto

Custom Deck/Patio

If you’d rather spend your time directly in the sun and under the stars then you may want to design and build a custom deck/patio to lounge on. You can decide on the size and outfit it the way you choose. Most people place barbecues, hammocks and lounge chairs on their decks and patios but the choice of how to enjoy it is totally up to you.  

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About Novacon Construction

Novacon Construction is a Toronto based home renovation company. We specialize in custom built homes and large scale renovations with a focus on detail and great customer service. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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Should I Remodel or Build a Custom Home?

Should I remodel a home or build a custom dwelling is a question many homeowners ask themselves. The cost to fix up a few rooms is certainly always the less expensive option but if you’re planning on a large-scale renovation from top to bottom you may want to reconsider your choice.


 Cost Considerations

Of course, the cost of remodeling will depend on the age, condition and size of the home and what you plan on doing with it. If new siding and/or roofing is needed then the cost will definitely increase substantially.

However in some cases, remodeling a home can cost more per square foot than building a new one from scratch. When building a new home you’ll typically be able to use modern materials and concepts and the home is likely to be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


 When Remodeling Makes Sense

Remodeling a home is often a good choice when you already own the home and don’t want to leave your current neighbourhood. Building from scratch if typically done if the cost of renovating the home outweighs its resale value.

Some older homes have been constructed with higher-quality wood and can possess a  lot of character with features and finishing touches such as marble window sills, solid-core doors, crown moulding and arched doorways etc. If you’d like to retain the original features and characters of a home you are more likely to remodel it rather than build a new one.


 Condition Of The Home

If the current home is in poor condition though and the heating system, utilities and plumbing all need an upgrade you may want to build. A tear down enables you to custom design a new home as long as you have permission to knock down an existing home.

In addition, if a home has structural problems, water damage or a crumbling foundation it may not be worth renovating. It’s recommended that you enlist the aid of a structural engineer for a professional opinion to help you decide which route to take.

You also need to consider the unexpected costs involved in remodeling. For example, once things are being ripped apart you could discover a few unwelcome surprises such as mould and rot or electrical and plumbing issues etc. In this case, building a new home is usually a more straightforward and easier process.


 Remodel or Build New?

Deciding whether to remodel or build a custom home is a case-by-case choice. It’s a good idea to call in some professional help and get some quotes to see which option will give you the most value for your money. Architects, builders, renovation experts and structural engineers can all provide you with their valuable opinions.

In general, if you plan on retaining 60 to 70 per cent of the existing structure, finishes and systems of an existing home you may want to remodel if it’s structurally sound and up to date. If you’d really like something new and completely different you may feel more inclined to simply focus on designing a custom home and having it built from scratch.


Novacon Construction

Novacon Construction specializes in major renovations and custom homes in Toronto and the surrounding GTA. For more information on remodeling options and designing and building custom homes please feel free to contact us today for a free consultation 

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10 Questions To ask Yourself Before Building a Custom Home

If you plan on building a custom home to suit your own personal lifestyle and needs there are several important factors you need to consider. You’ll be designing and building the home from scratch rather than purchasing a house that has already been built and things can get complicated fast if you don’t have every detail planned out. Here in Toronto, many people are turning to custom built homes, not only for the mega-mansions you see out in the suburbs but for smaller custom builds inside the city.

Below is a list of important questions you should ask yourself before the building process gets underway.

1. Am I positive I want to build a custom home?

Before you get too involved with the idea of building a custom home you should decide if it’s the best option for your lifestyle and financial situation. You should weigh the pros and cons of a custom home and determine if it’s actually better than purchasing an existing dwelling. You may find some existing homes which fit your ideal location, budget, lifestyle and family’s housing needs.

2. How much should we spend?

Unfortunately, the sky’s not the limit for most homeowners when building their dream home. You need to be realistic when designing the home and make sure it suits your financial budget. It’s wise to come up with the budget first and then make sure you don’t add extra rooms and amenities that you know you won’t use.

3. Can the soil support a home?

When looking for the ideal location for your home it’s important to have the soil checked out. Since the quality of soil differs from area to area you’ll need to be sure it won’t lead to any foundation problems in the future. It’s never a bad idea to have the lot’s soil examined by a Geotechnical Engineer..

4. Who will be living in the home and for how long?

It’s not always easy to predict how long you’ll live in a home, but you may have a good idea if you plan on raising a family in it. If you plan on having children you’ll need to know how many bedrooms are needed along with bathrooms and a family room etc. If you’re raising a family it may also affect your location since you may want to build close to a school and recreational facilities/parks etc. Homeowners who don’t plan on having children may decide on fewer bedrooms and bathrooms and the location of the home may be more dependent on proximity to their place of employment.

5. What are the most important factors for my home?

Each homeowner may be looking for different things in their new home. For instance, it will usually depend on how many people will be residing in it and what the house will be used for. The best way to plan your home is to ask yourself specific questions about it and rank them in order of importance.

For instance, you’ll need to ask yourself how much room is required for entertaining. How many bedrooms and bathrooms are needed and how important the location is. You need to consider if a back yard is important to you and if you’d like the exterior to be built out of low-maintenance materials such as stone or brick. It’s also a good idea to consider the home’s insulation and see if you can use energy-saving features to help save money in the long run.

6. What would you like your home to be constructed of?

There are several types of construction materials that can be incorporated into your dream home and you’ll need to decide which ones you’d like to use. Some homeowners choose specific materials to reflect their personality while others simply want the most durable and functional materials available. The decision often comes down to the appearance and style of the home you’d like to live in.

7. Which home will have the greatest resale value?

If you don’t plan on spending the rest of your life in your new home you’ll likely be interested in its resale value down the road. Most experienced real estate agents believe brick homes have the greatest resale value when compared to other materials. It may cost a bit more to construct, but the long-term value is greater.  

8. Who will design and build the home?

Many homeowners will hire an architect to help design the home or translate your unique ideas and plans to paper. Architects and homeowners can utilize computer software when planning the home, but you need a good builder to take those plans and turn them into an actual home. Some contractors offer Design Build services where they take responsibility for the entire process, from design to finished home.  Building a home isn’t as easy as planning one on a computer and you’ll need to find an experienced builder who fits your budget and timeline.

9. How important is the kitchen?

A home’s kitchen is generally seen as the most important and social and room in the house as so much time is spent there either on your own or when entertaining family and friends. Custom kitchens are very popular when it comes to design and functionality. You can be very creative when it comes to kitchen design and you’ll need to know how many work islands are needed and if there are any specific appliances you’d like to add such as a brick pizza oven etc. You’ll need to know how big you’d like the kitchen and how much money you’d like to spend in this area.

10. Should I ask the builder for references?

There’s a good chance the cost of your custom home will be the biggest financial investment you make in your lifetime. Don’t be afraid to ask the builder for references and to view their previous work. A good builder should have no problem with this request. However, you may want to think twice if the request is denied.


About Novacon Construction

Novacon Construction is a Design Build construction company located in Toronto.  We offer custom custom solutions and provide an easy and cost-effective way to build the custom home you’ve always wanted.  We offer free consultations. Contact us here to learn more.

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How to Find a Custom Home Builder in Toronto

When it comes time to transform your dream home from a set of plans to the real thing you’ll need to find the right custom home builder to see it through. The builder’s job will be to follow every precise detail when constructing the home. When meeting with prospective builders for estimates be sure to fully and clearly explain your plans and what you have in mind.

Where to Find a Custom Home Builder

If you aren’t aware of any builders in your area you may want to reach out to your local home builders’ association for assistance and a list to choose from. The association for custom home builders in Toronto is The Ontario Home Builders’ Association. You can also ask friends and family as well as checking online reviews for custom home builders with good reputations. If you find a builder in your area you may want to check out their work firsthand by visiting a few homes they’ve built and to see any project galleries of past work you can view.

Once you’ve decided to contact a custom home builder take notice of how accessible they are. For example, do they return emails and phone calls in a timely manner or do they just leave you hanging. If you have a difficult time getting in contact with a builder to discuss things that should be seen as a warning sign. You’re ideally looking for a custom home builder who takes client communications seriously and who’s readily available to help share their advice, expertise and ideas.  

Meeting With a Custom Home Builder

When meeting a builder be sure to have everything you need with you and make a list of questions you’d like to discuss with them. There are several important things you should probably know before meeting such as if they’re fully inured and licensed. But once you’re there, be sure to find out how long they’ve been in business, how many homes have they built, are there hidden or additional fees and if they’d be willing to work with a designer etc. It’s also important to ask for a portfolio and references regarding past homes they’ve built.

Don’t leave out any questions you’d like answered and don’t be afraid to take notes at the same time. This way you’ll be able to compare the answers from builder to builder. Information that you should take note of includes a sample budget, invoicing details, a construction schedule and how the work is guaranteed.

You’ll be working hand in hand with your custom home builder for several months so it’s important that you get along and can discuss things openly and freely. If you get a bad feeling about somebody early on perhaps you should simply move on. Remember, this is your custom home that’s being discussed and built and it’s likely going to be the biggest investment you make in your life. It’s worth taking the time to make sure you’re comfortable with the builder and their skills.

This person is going to take all of your plans and ideas and turn them into reality and you’ll have to live with the outcome. This is why finding the right custom home builder can be such a difficult and pressure-filled decision. The builder should have a history of beautiful homes and happy customers behind them. In addition, if a builder has been in business for quite some time they’ve likely been doing something right from day one. They also likely know how to handle any problems that may arise.

Check Custom Home Builder References & Reviews

If the builder has a solid reputation in the community and their references are happy with their work then you’re on the right track. It’s also important the builder has a strong network of reliable vendors and subcontractors to work with as this will result in top-quality construction methods. Real estate agents can also be a good source of referrals.

Be sure not to cut any corners when seeking a reliable custom home builder. They should be able to analyze your engineering and architectural plans and make sure any potential problems are discussed and resolved before going any further. Good builders are up to date with the best materials and building methods needed for a quality home. 

 Many custom home builders today are design-build contractors, meaning that they handle the entire home building process from design to build and can help streamline the entire process for you.

A home builder needs to make sure everybody working on the project is in sync at all times, much like the conductor of an orchestra. Everything from the bidding process to the pre-construction paperwork to the actual construction needs to run smoothly. And once you’ve moved into your new home, the commitment from your builder shouldn’t end as they should stand behind their work with a warranty on materials and workmanship.

Overall, you deserve full access to information from all custom home builders needed to help you make an informed decision. 

About Novacon Construction

Novacon construction is a custom home builder in Toronto. We offer a design-build and customer friendly approach to the home building process which results in a more streamlined and less stressful home building experience.

If you have any questions about custom home building please feel free to contact us for more information at Novacon Construction Inc.

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Don’t Be Lured In By Low Base Prices

The SQFT base price most builders provide homeowners for Custom homes, Additions and Major Renovations may appear to be quite reasonable but you could be in for quite a shock when the final cost of the home has drastically increased. The reason for this is due to the fact that most base price quotes don’t include many essentials.

It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into before signing any contracts. You need to know exactly what is and isn’t included when it comes to the base price since many quotes leave out additional costs.

There are many builders and renovators which appear to offer fantastic deals due to their relatively-low base prices. However when it comes time to build, you may find it doesn’t fit into your financial budget. In fact, some homes may even end up costing double the provided base cost.

It’s generally considered a much better idea to deal with a builder who provides DESIGN-BUILD services and  includes all costs of the project in their quote and a very detailed scope of work. This provides you with a realistic number from day one and you’ll know right away if you can build it within your budget.

With all costs included in a quote you’ll soon realize it may be higher than many base prices you’ve seen, but you’ll have the peace of mind knowing this price won’t change along the way. The price you’re quoted will basically be the price you pay which makes it much easier to plan for financially.

Base prices can be misleading

Like most salespeople, contractors usually advertise a low base price to attract the attention of potential clients. The lower the price, the more people who are usually enticed into a deal. A low base price will almost certainly rise when the builder has included all aspects of the finished project.

You may want to compare building and renovating your home to purchasing a new car with a low base price. As you may well know you’ll suddenly be asked to pay for things such as rustproofing, heated seats and steering wheels, a CD player, and freight and storage etc. Your new car may rise in costs by as much as 20 per cent from the advertised base price and newly-built homes are often similar.

Builders who construct custom homes are often perceived to be more expensive than those who offer low base prices but that isn’t really the case when you consider the final price of the project. The big difference being that low base prices don’t include everything.

Examples of this could be hardwood flooring, carpeting, stone tiles, kitchen backsplash, plumbing fixtures, windows and appliances etc.  When choosing specific items with your contactor, you may find an upgrade cost will be added to the bill.

What is a base price?

The advertised base price is basically the minimum cost of building the home. It’s considered to be the starting point and it typically includes standard or basic items and features only. Each builder may consider different items to be standard however, so it’s important to ask exactly what’s included. Those with fewer basic items will typically offer lower base prices.

It’s important to know if things such as Municipal fees, permits, site costs, flooring, design fees, and the driveway etc are included in the base price. Most home buyers prefer to deal with a builder who provides them with a fixed price when it comes to site costs and other items.

So the next time your attention is grabbed by a low base price from a contractor, be sure to find out exactly what is and isn’t represented in the cost before agreeing to anything.

About Novacon Construction

As a leading custom home builder and renovation service in Toronto, our mission is to build gorgeous houses from the ground up. We want our clients to live comfortably and safely in the home that fits their needs and lifestyle. Instead of purchasing a cookie-cutter home and having to adjust it to their needs. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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Planning Your New Home During COVID-19

There likely aren’t many people who are thinking about building their own home at the moment due to the current worldwide Covid-19 health crisis. But this may actually be the prime time to begin designing a custom home. Planning and designing your dream home with a designer and builder typically takes several weeks and by getting started now you may be able to have it completed by the end of the year.

COVID-19 has certainly taken its deadly toll across the globe but fortunately it will pass and life will return to some type of normal routine when a vaccine is introduced. By planning your dream home now, you’ll be ready to start building as soon as the crisis is over.


Why design your home now?

Designing and building a new home consists of a lot of hard work and it takes time to make sure all pre-construction preparations are in place. There’s no time like the present to get started and be prepared once the pandemic restrictions have been lifted.

When planning to construct a new home you’ll need to come up with a budget and make sure your vision can be achieved at that price. The size and specifics of the home will depend on your budget and enlisting the aid of a builder is highly recommended to make sure you’re on target. A builder will be able to offer their professional advice and expertise when it comes to erecting the finest home for the most affordable price.


Make the most of your free time

Many people are still working through the Covid-19 pandemic but if you happen to have some free time on your hands it’s a good idea to put it to use. This could be the ideal time to start doing some research and planning when it comes to a new home. You may have the time to seek out a builder who can offer their design and constructing services during this critical stage of the project.


Life during COVID-19

The Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the government are justifiable and understandable as they are designed to protect society’s most vulnerable members. However, the good news is they don’t stop you from getting started on your new home. You can always get the wheels in motion when it comes to designing your home, finding a builder and getting quotes.

Most professional builders can still be contacted via telephone and email and many of them may even be able to meet virtually with you online. This enables you to go about your business while still practising safe social distance etiquette. We have been working with homeowners during this crisis by using virtual consultations to answer questions, suggest ideas, and to kickstart the planning process.


Getting a head start

Once the pandemic has passed or eased up there will likely be a mad dash for the services and expertise of professional designers and builders. Finding the perfect builder may be a more difficult task in the near future because of this and you could be disappointed. If you don’t want to be left on the outside looking in you may want to get the jump on other new homeowners.


Contact Novacon Construction Today

Since your new home will likely be one of the biggest and most important investments of your life you don’t want to settle for anything but the best.  We are offering free virtual consults here in Toronto to answer your questions and plan your custom home build.

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Can I Afford To Build a Custom Home?

With a custom-built home, you’ll get everything you’re looking for due to the fact the house has been designed to your specific wishes. This means you’ll be able to have as many bedrooms and bathrooms as you like, an exact-size kitchen and perhaps a few other personal touches such as a sauna, games room, swimming pool and wine cellar etc. It sounds like a dream home and it is, but can you really afford a custom home?

The answer to that question will no doubt vary from person to person depending on their financial situation as well as the size and complexity of the home. However, there are a few ways you can help keep the costs down when it comes to constructing a custom home.

Finding Your Homesite

This all starts with finding an affordable lot or site for the home. If you already own a home or lot then you have a good head start since your dream home can be constructed on the existing land. 

Here in Toronto where available land is scarce, the cost of the land can be a large part of your overall budget.   If you don’t own any land it’s recommended that you take the time to shop around for an affordable site in a good location. It’s typically more affordable to build on a piece of land that already has an existing home on it since it will be graded and the utility and sewer connections have already been taken care of. You will need to spend some money to knock down the existing home though and some people actually shop around for a condemned home to find a great deal on the land.

Save Time & Money Planning

Since most homes consist of a kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and a living room etc, the majority of custom homes will simply mean these rooms may be designed in a specific shape and size. In some cases this allows you to work with a finished floor plan while making several modifications to it. When doing so, you’ll be able to save on architect fees and the time of designing the house from square one. 

When planning a custom home it’s a good idea to make a list of the features and rooms you’d like to see in it. Once you’ve completed this task you should ask yourself if there’s anything you can’t realistically afford or don’t actually need. If you prioritize the list you may be able to save money on unrealistic items unless your budget is unlimited .

You can also cut down on the costs by working hand in hand with an experienced custom home builder. Contractors that specialize in custom home builds usually have excellent working relationships with different trades, labourers and material suppliers and often order supplies in bulk at a better price. Experienced builders are typically well versed in minimizing the overhead, managing the costs and getting the most out of contractors and labourers. Once you’ve found the right builder you’ll be able to go through your plans and likely cut down on costs here and there. For example, be sure to install energy-efficient appliances and fixtures in the home to enjoy lower energy bills once you move in.  A Design Build company can also save time and money as they offer every stage of the building process, from the design and planning to the actual buildout, all in one place.

A Custom Home Can Be An Affordable Option

A custom home isn’t always costlier than an existing or newly-built house as you can often custom-design a smaller home at a lower price. It all depends on the size and quality of home you’d like. There are other costs to consider such as financing/loan fees as well as adequate insurance. You may or may not need an architect as well as a builder and in many cases you can find companies which can take care of the entire job from start to finish since they handle both the designing and building duties. If you already own the lot for your home, be sure the land can accommodate your custom plans.

About Novacon Construction 

Novacon Construction is a Design Build company located in Toronto.  We offer custom build solutions and provide an easy and cost effective way to build the custom home you’ve always wanted.  We offer free consultations. Contact us here to learn more.

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How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Home?

If you’re wondering how long it takes to construct a custom home in Toronto you probably won’t be surprised to hear that it all depends on several factors. Every custom home should be considered unique and the length of time it takes to build them will vary. 

However, on average, a custom-designed home will typically take from 8 to 14 months to complete. This is for the actual building process only as the designing and pre-planning stages can take anywhere from 2-3 months ,up to a year depending on the complexity of the project.  Working with a Design Build company will definitely help cut the time and potentially some large costs as you only have to work with a single point of contact for every stage of the process. Communication errors are therefore  minimized and virtually eliminated

Preparing is Key

Once we have all the necessary building permits, documents and financing in hand the building process will depend on the size and design of the house as well as things such as specialty labour, materials, supplies and the weather. Since the weather in the Greater Toronto Area can be quite unpredictable, especially during the early spring and winter months, it’s recommended to start construction anywhere from April until October with the warmer months being a better choice.

Ideally, the foundation should be poured and the home framed before the snow and the temperature start to fall. The excavation and foundation pouring can be completed in the cold weather, but it’s typically more expensive and risky, with less than optimal results. 

Even with summer construction, there’s no guarantee things will go smoothly since heavy rainstorms may slow things down if the building site is flooded and requires dewatering, or site has become too muddy to continue and requires time to dry up. As mentioned, the weather here in Toronto can be unpredictable and  since nobody can control the weather it may ultimately affect the timeline of your custom home. The key is to expect this and be prepared.

Labour and Material Delays

As far as labour and materials go, if there is a hold up somewhere along the line from a material supplier, that is out of the builders control and it can potentially also slow things down. Several different subcontractors and suppliers need to be depended upon for everything to run as planned. A good general contractor overseeing the custom build can help speed things along and ensure delays are kept to a minimum.  However, sometimes there are work backups and delivery delays which may also be due to bad weather conditions or simply because it’s the busy season. 

If the plumbers, electricians, framers and other specialists are all on site working together when scheduled it can definitely help speed things up.  A good Design Build contracting company can make this coordinating more efficient and streamlined during the construction process through proper project management techniques.

Homeowner Delays

The homeowner also has to be on the ball during the construction process since you may have to make timely decisions on things such as windows, flooring, trim, cabinets, and plumbing fixtures etc. When it comes to making a decision, the quicker the better and everything should be on the building site when it’s needed. 

The same goes for staying with your original design plans as you don’t want to change your mind about something once it’s been completed. Changing plans during the building process will always delay things.

Other Potential Delays

The builder will also be affected by environmental conditions such as topography and soil type on the building site. For instance, if the home is being built on a level lot it will be quicker than constructing on a hilly site. Unfortunately, construction delays are just a fact of life in some cases. You may hire the best builder in the world and the project could still be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, with the majority of these being weather related. 

About Novacon Construction

If you’re considering building a new home or custom home we can help you decide on the best option by evaluating your specific ideas.  Novacon Construction is a Design Build company located in Toronto.  We offer custom home build solutions in Toronto and the GTA and provide an easy and cost effective way to build the custom home you’ve always wanted.  We offer free consultations. Contact us here to learn more.