Starting from our initial conversation through to the planning and design stage our fully licensed and certified team will communicate with you to learn how can we help improve your lives and make your renovation not only beautiful but more importantly a functional space that works well with your family.blue_print

Phase 1: 1-2 hour complimentary onsite consultation

  • We discuss your ideas and project details to ensure we not only know what we are building, but more importantly why and how this will make your lives better.
  • Go over your timelines from start to completion
  • We set-up a budget for the Project

2. Preliminary Proposal

  • We sit down and go through the preliminary detailed budget proposal for your project and answer any questions you may have.
  • If you already have permit ready drawings/plans and we have agreed on the preliminary budget we skip step 3.
  • If we have agreed on the preliminary budget numbers and building permit drawings are required the we move to phase 3.

3. If initial preliminary budget is agreed upon then we start on working drawings.
During this phase we will sign a design agreement which includes:

  • All zoning and building restrictions
  • Building Site/field measurements
  • Preliminary drawings are made based on your initial ideas
  • We review the drawings and make any necessary changes based on your feedback
  • Final design is complete

4. Working drawings are submitted for building permits

5. Finalize Budget

6. Sign Construction Contract