As a leading general contractor in Toronto, NovaCon has always sought to please its clients and offer them the best possible services at unmatched prices. Our services include:

Home Additions.  We have a vast experience in adding any type of room to already-built houses as to increase square footage, comfort and the value of the house. We do not offer just our services as contractors, but also our expertise in helping you choose the best solution for your particular situation. Often times, the solutions we offer to our clients are more ergonomic, less costly and easier to implement than what they originally wanted.

Custom Homes. While some people prefer to add one or two rooms to their house, others prefer to build a house from the grounds up to make sure their needs are being met perfectly. To achieve this, we have assembled a cohesive team of professionals consisted of architects, engineers and skilled workers that together will help you erect the house of your dreams.

Renovations. If you are happy with your house but want to enliven it or change the way it looks, we offer professional renovation services for every part, be it the kitchen, the bathroom or any other type of room. We are proficient not only at giving the desired room another face, but also at making as little derangement as possible and finishing in the shortest time we can without affecting quality.

Consulting. Since we have gathered so much experience throughout the years as a general contractor in Toronto, we are happy to share our experience in the form of consultations on all matters related to building, designing or renovating.  Let our expertise be your guidance.

Project and Construction Management. We can take care of all your management needs, and plan, coordinate and control your building projects from beginning to completion. We do this without a flaw, and we always keep you informed of the progress being made.

If you are interested in our professional services as a general contractor in Toronto and its surrounding areas, we invite you to give us a call at (416) 750-7555 to give you all the details you need.