What You Need To Know When Adding a Second Story To a Garage

What You Need To Know When Adding a Second Story To a Garage

When adding a second story addition to your home over an existing garage it typically provides a great deal of extra living space and also adds value to the home. Most single car garages range in size from 12-16ft wide and 22-24ft deep and double car garages typically range from 20- 24ft wide and 22- 24ft deep.

Many homeowners build an extra story for bedrooms and bathrooms however the space can be used for whatever suits your needs. But before getting started be sure to look into your community’s zoning and building laws, etc. It’s also a good idea to bring in a professional contractor to answer your questions and to consult with you on your options.

Planning For a Second Story Addition

An additional story doesn’t affect the house’s footprint but there are unique planning and construction challenges to consider such as making sure the structure can bear the extra weight. You may need the help of an engineer to make sure an addition is possible as the foundation and garage will need to be thoroughly inspected. If the foundation is too weak it may need to be bolstered or replaced, which can be quite costly.

You may want to make sure features such windows and gables are harmonious and seamless with the home’s existing style and be sure the addition is well insulated. A bathroom can be installed above an unheated garage but the plumbing will need to be in heated areas to keep the pipes from freezing. This means you’ll need to work closely with the contractor and plumber to be sure the piping is properly installed.

If the existing wastewater drain is located in a central area of your home you may need to work through a great deal of drywall when connecting your new drain to the current one. Some of the walls may even need to be re-framed or duct work may need to be moved. .

When adding a story to your home don’t forget you have to access it from your existing space. You’ll need a stairway and hallway to reach your new rooms and the additional story will need to be aligned with one below it. To do this you may need to increase or shorten the height of the garage walls as well as alter the existing door and window headers.

Most two car garages are approximately 20 to 24 feet from side to side with a similar front to back, it can be difficult to build a stiff enough floor above it. The flooring will need to support the new story without interfering with your parking space and garage door below. Be sure the floor doesn’t bounce or flex and the tiles won’t crack.

The new space will need a good balance of heating and cooling and a new or additional HVAC system may be required to achieve this. This is where spray foam insulation may come in handy.

Depending on your garage, the challenges of an additional story above a garage can sometimes be substantial as it isn’t a simple procedure. There are numerous things to take into consideration and it’s important that you don’t overlook any of them. The cost and time frame of the project will depend on how complex it is and how much labour and materials will be involved.

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