Most split-level homes can be remodelled, renovated and handle additions when working side by side with contractors experienced with creative split-level designs. At Novacon,  we offer homeowners comprehensive options and solutions when it comes to split-level homes. Our designers will work side by side with you, discuss your ideas and offer our own ideas and advice.

Split-level homes are built with unique floor plans and features due to the staggered levels but they can still be remodeled and room additions are possible. As with just about any home, it’s less costly and complicated to build up than it is to build out as building out means the home’s footprint is being altered. Building outward can often be accomplished in most cases if that’s your desire.

Depending on the house’s layout, you can create a larger kitchen, dining room, living room and bedrooms etc. In addition, the kitchen can sometimes be adjoined to the garage for more living space. Some homeowners also build an auxiliary suite above the garage which can be used as an office or a separate apartment.

Split Level Home Renovations Toronto Contractors