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How Do You Modernize a Split Level House?

If you’re planning on modernizing your split level house you’ll be glad to know that just about any split level  home can be renovated to make it more modern, open and functional. In addition, you may be able to continue living there while the work is being carried out due to the structure’s multiple levels.

Toronto has thousands of aging split level homes in the city and it’s become very popular to take one of these dated designs and add a modern spin to them. You’d be surprised just how beautiful you can make an older split level home.


Types of Renovations For Split Level Homes

Some of the most common renovation ideas for split level homes include removing non-weight-bearing ground floor interior walls to create an open floor plan between living room, dining room and kitchen. In addition, you can build an island between the dining area and kitchen to create additional gathering and work space. To slightly separate the kitchen from the living area you could also retain a half-wall with built-in display or storage, a railing or glass barrier.

Some homeowners like to install cathedral ceilings to the ground floor, build a guest bedroom, sunroom or master suite at either end of the home and optimize the natural light by adding windows to the sides of the home or skylights to dining and living rooms. Carpeting and flooring could be replaced with wood flooring and a cozy fireplace may be added to the living room. Also, windows can be replaced with larger ones or new windows added to blank sides of the home. Skylights and solar tubes are other options if you’d like to brighten up the inside from above.

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Exterior Renovations For Split Level Homes

Other popular modernizing ideas for a split level home include converting the garage into an expanded family room or bedroom and then build a new garage at the back of the property. You can also update older garage doors with more modern options. 

Home exteriors can also be updated with modern-looking surfaces such as a new paint job or new sidings such as cedar clapboard, stucco, or natural stone. You may decide to add details such as trellises, shutters, corner boards, trim or a pergola or shutters. The wide horizontal siding could be swapped in favour of vertical siding, architectural panels or narrow lap siding. 

You could also vary the pattern, material texture or color of the materials to create visual interest.

The roofing may be updated with contemporary material and you could always create additional space for gatherings with a deck or four-season porch at the rear of the home. Trim can be installed under the soffit, which is the roof overhang on the home. When trim is added and painted a color which contrasts with the siding it creates a bold highlighting effect.

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Interior Renovations For Split Level Homes

When it comes to the interior of the home, the trim and molding could be painted a light color for a modern feel. You may even want to remove some of the trim around doorways and retro wood paneling can be painted. 

Some homeowners reconfigure their HVAC system so the home has a separate thermostat in different areas while others install an in-house audio system which can entertain each room. At the same time, you may want to increase the security and safety by installing a smart security system as well as additional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout.

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Hiring The Right Contractor For Your Split Level Home

You’ll need an experienced renovation contractor to modernize your split level home and one who understands exactly what you’re looking for before getting underway.  With a creative mind and a little hard work the most dated split-level homes can be transformed into attractive, highly functional and modern living spaces. There are numerous modernizing options for a split level home but be sure to contact a professional designer/contractor to make sure your ideas are feasible for your existing home.   

Novacon Construction is a design build renovation contractor in Toronto. We specialize in modernizing older split level homes and have a stellar reputation when it comes to our craftmanship and customer service. If you are located in the GTA and are interested in renovating your split level home you can contact us today for a free consultation.

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