Multi-Family Home Builder in Toronto

Toronto is facing a major housing crunch and has become unaffordable for many residents.  Available living space and high real estate costs have been an ongoing concern. In The City of Toronto, recent legislation has allowed you to convert a single family home into a duplex (two family home) without paying development charges. Not only that, but the government of Ontario has implemented a plan to allow multiplex housing where only single family homes were once allowed.  So now you will be able to build or convert an existing home into a two, three or four unit dwelling in the following areas:

Toronto –  Scarborough – The Beaches – North York – East York – Etobicoke

Novacon Construction can build a new custom multiplex home or convert your existing home into a multi-unit dwelling.  There are still rules and zoning laws that need to be followed and you will need an experienced professional to help navigate all of these changes. Contact us today and we can help  answer any questions you may have.

Duplex custom home Toronto