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10 Great Features for Your Custom-Built Home

One of the most attractive undertakings of designing and building your own custom home is being able to forgo the standard finishes and features and create a truly unique living space. This enables you to install the features you know will deliver the exact type of convenience and comfort you’re looking for.

Below is a list of 10 features that will make your home standout when building a custom home. 


Dedicated Laundry Room

Most new home owners probably won’t place their laundry room high on the list. However, building a dedicated laundry room on the main or upper level of the dwelling can certainly make your domestic life and chores a lot easier, especially with kids.  Instead of hauling your laundry down and up the stairs every time you do it, why not make things more convenient by placing a specific laundry room on the home’s main or upper floor next to the bedrooms? This space could be used for washing, hanging, drying and ironing your clothes. You may even want to outfit it with some music or a television while you’re working. 

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Large Mudroom

A large,  functional mudroom can be a lifesaver during a cold and wet Toronto winter. With a mudroom located close to your door or garage you’ll be able to keep your entrance clean as this is the perfect place to leave your muddy, wet shoes, coats, clothing, backpacks, sporting equipment and umbrellas etc. This can be a well-organized area with cubbies, lockers, cupboards, drawers or a closet for specific items. It’s also an excellent spot to dry off and clean your pets before they enter the home and a place to hang leashes. 

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Walk-In Pantry

A walk-in pantry is a great way to complement your custom kitchen as it adds  the right amount of comfort and convenience. In addition, it should help you keep the kitchen clutter-free as you’ll have plenty of room to store food and other items without having to use your regular cabinets. A walk-in pantry allows you to keep many things at eye level and is ideal for larger appliances such as blenders, mixers and bread-makers etc. 

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Finished Basement

A finished basement can be used for a variety of things such as a wet-bar, games room, in-house theatre, music room, family entertainment room, office or even a bedroom etc. A dedicated basement can be decorated however you choose and since it’s downstairs it shouldn’t be too much of a problem if things get a little loud down there while enjoying the custom space.  

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Outdoor Kitchen

Toronto may be cold but we do enjoy several months of good weather each year. You’ll be able to enjoy the warmer temperatures and Mother Nature if you decide to install an outdoor kitchen. It’s becoming quite popular to create an outdoor kitchen and dining area with a refrigerator, built-in grill, sink, counter space and table etc. This enables you to cook, dine and clean up in the great outdoors whenever the weather cooperates. 

outdoor ktchens Toronto

Heated Floors

Speaking of the weather, why not ensure you’re comfortable and warm all year round by installing heated floors in your bathroom. This is guaranteed to create a nice cozy feeling each and every time you step out of the shower. Your feet will definitely appreciate the warmth of the floor compared to a stone cold one. 

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In-Law Suite

If you have relatives or friends living with you or they visit quite often, then a in-law suite may be the ideal way to provide privacy for everybody. In fact, the area could even be used by your grown children. An in-law suite creates an independent living area and plenty of privacy and can be outfitted with whatever you choose. For example, it could house its own kitchen, bathroom, dining and living areas etc. You may even install a separate entrance if you choose. 

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Two Master Suites 

Another way to host visiting friends and family is to customize your home with two master suites. Each suite can feature its own private bathroom, creating privacy for all involved. The suites don’t have to be the same in size and style, which enables you to get creative when designing them.  

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Let’s get back to talking about the good weather and taking advantage of it by adding a sunroom. This will let you enjoy the warm days and evenings by sitting in a three or four-season sunroom outdoors. This is a room that allows abundant natural light in it and is easy to access the outdoors from. A three-season room is ideal for the spring, summer and fall while a four-season option is also fine for the winter. A four-season sunroom can be cooled and heated like the rest of the home and can easily be equipped with furniture and entertainment options.

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Custom Deck/Patio

If you’d rather spend your time directly in the sun and under the stars then you may want to design and build a custom deck/patio to lounge on. You can decide on the size and outfit it the way you choose. Most people place barbecues, hammocks and lounge chairs on their decks and patios but the choice of how to enjoy it is totally up to you.  

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